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Ecstasy – how do I know what I'm taking?

'Ecstasy' varies in what drug or drugs it contains and how much.

Some drugs are more powerful than others and can be deadly, but even MDMA (the chemical normally used for ecstasy) is dangerous and some ecstasy pills have large amounts of MDMA in them, adding to the serious risks.

You can also never be sure that any pill (or powder or liquid) actually contains what you’re told it does.

And you can't be sure how you might react to a particular drug or particular dose as everyone is different.

If you have decided you are going to take a drug, try a small amount of it first and wait at least an hour to see what the effect is before considering taking any more.

Some drugs commonly found in ecstasy have a delayed effect, so you run an even greater risk of overdose if you top up too soon because it doesn't yet seem to be working.

If you have taken ecstasy, take regular breaks from activities, like dancing, to cool down. And keep hydrated by sipping no more than a pint of water or non-alcoholic drink every hour.

If you've taken something and start to feel unwell, take time out to look after yourself and ask for help if you need it. If the problem doesn't improve or is getting worse, you should seek medical help. You won’t be reported to the police.

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