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A powerful stimulant that’s often compared to drugs like cocaine and ecstasy

Also called:

  • 4-MMC
  • Bounce
  • Bubble
  • Charge
  • Drone
  • M-CAT
  • M-Smack
  • MC
  • Meow Meow
  • Meph
  • Miow
  • White Magic

Quick info

How the drug works varies from person to person

How you might feel
Alert and/or paranoid, confident, affectionate and/or anxious, dizzy.
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Effects on your body
Faster heartbeat. May cause hallucinations, nosebleeds and even fits.
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How long it takes to work
Immediate if injected, a few minutes if snorted and longer if swallowed.
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How long the effects last
Up to a couple of hours but people often re-dose more frequently to maintain the effects. After a session, some people find it hard to sleep for days and lose their memory for a while.
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Common risks
Easy to want more and take larger doses. Injecting is dangerous and can lead to overdose or infections. Can increase chances of heart attack or stroke.
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Mixing drugs
Mixing drugs is always risky but some mixtures are more dangerous than others.
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