Talk to Frank - Honest information about drugs

Coronavirus: drinking and taking drugs during the outbreak

It's really important that we all follow the official advice on coronavirus (COVID-19) and avoid meeting anyone we don't live with. This will save lives. You can help keep yourself safe by staying in touch with your friends online or by phone rather than meeting up.

Because you're staying at home, it might mean you'll be less likely to drink or take drugs than normal, but if you do you should be extra careful. If you're using drugs or drinking with other people, remember that viruses can be spread easily by sharing drinks, joints, bongs, pipes and vapes or by using the same snorting tube as someone else (like a rolled-up bank note).

The more you drink or use drugs on one occasion, the more your judgement will be affected and this can lead to you doing things or taking risks that you otherwise wouldn't.

You might want to use drink or drugs because you're worried or feeling down but this is likely to make you feel worse and effect your physical and mental health.

Some drugs (particularly opioids like tramadol and codeine) are also more dangerous to do on our own because there's no one to help if you overdose. Also, if dealers can't get hold of drugs as easily they might cut their supply more or sell you something that's completely different, and possibly more dangerous, than what you think you're getting.